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We are the exclusive distributors of world renowned companies specialized in the design, manufacture and supply of following instrumentation :

  • Alpha, Beta, X-Ray, Gamma and Neutron Spectroscopy

  • Alpha, Beta, X-Ray, Gamma and Neutron Dosimetry

  • Germanium (Ge), Silicon (Si), Scintillation, Solid State Nuclear Track and other Radiation Detectors

  • Radiation Protection Equipment

  • Control of Illicit Traffic of Radioactive and Nuclear Materials Including Gate Monitoring of Pedestrians, Cars and Containers

  • VIP Security from Nuclear and Chemical Gas Hazards

  • Air Monitors
  • Radio Active Isotopes for Nuclear Medicine, Research  and Industrial Uses
  • Educational Instrumentation
  • Electrochemical Research for corrosion impedance and electro analytical instruments such as Potentiostats/Galvanostats, Multichannel Potentiostats, Polarographic Analyser, etc.
  • Signal Recovery and Conditioning such as Preamplifiers, Noise Rejecting Voltmeter, Lock-in Amplifiers, etc.
  • Brackytherapy